50 MHz IARU Region 1 Contest 2022

Published: Tuesday, 10 May 2022

Denne contest er den 18-19 juni




Rapportering: RST + QSO Nr + Lokator

 59003 JO20DB or 579123 IN55CC).

Lørdag  14:00 UTC  - 14:00 UTC søndag

 50 MHz Contest:

• SINGLE (SO): single operator entries only CW/SSB)

• MULTI (MO): multi operator entries (only CW/SSB)

• 6HOURS (6H): 6 hours entries (only CW/SSB)

• SINGLE (SO-MGM): single operator entries MGM

• MULTI (MO-MGM): multi operator entries MGM

• 6HOURS (6H-MGM): 6 hours entries (MGM) 


o MULTI operator: stations from the same location, operated by more than one operator and using one callsign on all bands.

o SINGLE operator: stations from the same location, operated by the same operator and using one callsign on all bands, with no operational assistance of another person during the contest.

o 6 HOURS: stations from the same location, operated by any number of operators and operating according to the 6 hours’ time rule.

The 6 hour time segment can be divided into maximum two periods. The time of the first QSO sets the start time of the first period. When operating in two periods, the pause between the periods must be longer than 2 hours. The first time difference of 2 hours or more between two consecutive QSOs marks the pause segment. Only the QSOs that fall into the combined 6 hour time segment will be counted for points. Participants are welcome to operate longer than 6 hours and in such case they shall send their complete log (the contest robot will automatically extract the 6 hours part from the log, while the rest of the log entries will be used for cross-checking purposes).

o LOW POWER: multi or single operator entries, transmitting with total of up to 100 W PEP from the transmitter and using only one directional or omnidirectional antenna system. The same antenna must be used for transmit and receive. Directional antenna system is a single directional antenna or a group (array) of single directional antennas, grouped together to achieve maximum obtainable gain in a given direction (that is, all the antennas in the group shall be pointed in the same direction). Omnidirectional antenna is an antenna with a radiation pattern that has approximately the same gain in all azimuth directions


Only one signal on the band is allowed at any time. Station must operate from the same location throughout the contest time.


Each station may only be worked once per band. If a station is worked again on the same band, only one contact may count for points. Any duplicate contacts should be logged without claim for points and clearly marked as duplicates.  


CW, SSB or FM/PM modes CW, SSB or FM/PM modes Code numbers exchanged during each contact shall consist of the RS or RST report, followed by a serial number commencing with 001 for the first contact on each band and increasing by one for each successive contact on that band.

This exchange must immediately be followed by the complete QTH locator (6 digit) of the sending station (examples: 59003 JO20DB or 579123 IN55CC).

All times must be logged in UTC. Call signs logged must be the same as those exchanged over the air by the entrants during the QSO. For contacts on 50 MHz, outside of Region 1, the received locator can be 4 digits and “MM” will be added as 5th and 6th digit. Correction of logged exc

IARU R1 VHF & UP Rules: https://nrrlcontest.no/vhf/Rules-2021.pdf


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