Ny Writelog versjon 12.33H ute

Published: Friday, 26 October 2018

Ny Writelog versjon 12.33H ute


WriteLog version 12.33 is a free upgrade for anyone who has purchased the full version of WriteLog since Oct 2017. If you are running an earlier version, go here to purchase a new registration code: http://writelog.com/ordering

New in version 12.33 since 12.32:

* Add Remote Rig Control.
* .NET 4.5.2 is now required and the installer checks for that version. WriteLog still requires Win7 or later. Microsoft's 4.5.2 installer works back to Win7.
* Make WriteLog's XMMT.ocx support more tolerant of the XMMT.ocx's ptt startup sequencing. The issue only happens when using XMMT.ocx to transmit AFSK. The symptom that is fixed is an intermittent termination of a transmission after just one second or less.
* Add ability to turn off exclusive sound device access for two-radios-on-one-device.
* Support the K3's FI command. This means an SDR on a K3 IF will keep its frequency calibration regardless of mode, IF shift, etc. If you have a K3 already setup for an SDR, this update will invalidate any existing SDR per-mode offset settings, which you must manually remove using the SDR wizard.
* Fix setting Icom IF filter to 1 on certain Icom rigs.
* Add OLE Automation to manipulate RTS and DTR of rig ports and CW keyer port.

The big ticket item here is the NEW Remote Rig Control feature and you can read all about that here:

12.33 upgrade installers are available here:

Updating to 12.33 does not automatically update the necessary multiplier
files. You must also File/update-data-files in WriteLog to download
them. For anyone choosing to run WriteLog without upgrading, you still
want to File/update-data-files in WriteLog to get the multiplier updates.


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