DVK spiller / DVK i N1MM

Published: Sunday, 08 April 2018

DVK spiller / DVK i N1MM 

I thought I would share this with the contesters in the sub. It's a neat little program that can be used with N1MM during SSB contests.

If you are operating as a single op with lead pants, your voice goes bye bye on the 2nd day.

Great thing is that if you use N1MM+ it will put the files in the correct directories which makes it easier to configure within N1MM

There were times that I was sick and couldn't really speak. I would have loved to have this.

Copy Pasta from the author below

This is a project in progress, but it has a lot of value as it is.

It synthesizes your exchanges for SSB contests using the very-high-quality Amazon Poly synthesizer. As long as you have an internet connection, you should be good to go to create the files (no internet needed after creation.)


Simply fill in the blanks, press the "Save Recordings to N1MM+" button, and the appropriate WAV file directory files will be created.

The speed control allows you to to vary the speed -- normal, fast, fastest. It is quite fast, and still recognizable.

If you wish, it will create the LettersFiles. Everyone knows that this creates very slow callsign exchanges, but is there if you want to use it. I prefer to use everything but the call sign. It saves a lot of voice.

I do have a technique that will realtime create the call sign of a caller very fast, but to do that I need some integration help from the N1MM team.

The link below is a Zip file. The program is an any-bitness .Net EXE, built with the .Net Framework 3.5 (same as N1MM).

So, you can run it from any directory except ..\Program Files (x86).

Just unzip the file and run the EXE.

The download is at http://files.w1ve.com/W1VE-SYNDVK.ZIP http://files.w1ve.com/SYNDVK-Setup.exe

Of course, you should have N1MM+ installed.

Have fun, and see ya in NAQP Phone from the Yukon!


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