Published: Sunday, 30 October 2016
Ham CAP 1.9 

HF propagation prediction tool for Amateur Radio 


System Requirements



Installation and Configuration

You are now ready to use Ham CAP. 



Area coverage map


Area coverage map in pseudo-colors


Signal-to-Noise Ratio vs. time and frequency


Antenna selection page

On-line Interactive Maps

If you are planning on a DXpedition, consider adding an interactive propagation map to your web site (see example). To create the map: 

After the expedition, please search your logs for "VE3NEA" and send me your QSL if I worked you ;-) 


 If you have IonoProbe installed on your system, go to the Settings tab in Ham CAP and press the IonoProbe button. IonoProbe will provide real time ionospheric indices to Ham CAP, and the prediction will be automatically updated when the indices change. 

 DX Atlas adds even more power to Ham CAP. Make sure you have DX Atlas installed, then press the DX Atlas button on the Settings tab. The area prediction data will be superimposed on the DX Atlas map, and you will be able to magnify and scroll the map, and view it in the Azimuthal and 3D projections. 


(click to enlarge)

 Ham CAP provides a COM/OLE Automation interface that 3-rd party programs can use to start Ham CAP, set prediction parameters, and run predictions. In a typical application integrated with Ham CAP, the user will right-click on a callsign, and Ham CAP will pop up and display the point-to-point propagation chart. A sample automation code is provided in the Programmer's Corner section. 

Third Party Tutorials

     HamCap User's Guide by OH6BG 
     HamCap tutorial by VE3SUN 
     HamCAP Contest Tutorial by N3TL 

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