YU DX Contest

Published: Thursday, 09 April 2020

Det er YU DX CONTEST den 18-19 april

Contest sponsor: Amateur Radio Association of Serbia

Objectives: Developing traditional friendship between foreign and local hams.

Contest Period: Third full weekend of April, from 07.00 UT Saturday to 06.59 UT Sunday (April 18-19 in 2020).

Participants: Any licensed amateur radio station.


A. SO-AB CW QRP <= 5 W

B. SO-AB-CW-LP <= 100 W

C. SO-AB-CW-HP <= 1500 W

D. SO-AB-SSB-LP <= 100 W

E. SO-AB-SSB-HP <= 1500 W

F. SO-AB-Mixed-LP <= 100 W

G. SO-AB-Mixed-HP <= 1500 W

H. SO-SB-Mixed (3,5 MHz any power)

I. SO-SB-Mixed (7 MHz, any power)

J. SO-SB-Mixed (14 MHz, any power)

K. SO-SB-Mixed (21 MHz, any power)

L. SO-SB-Mixed (28 MHz, any power)

M. MOST-AB-Mixed

Bands: 80, 40, 20, 15, 10 meters under the recommendations of IARU Region 1.

Calling CQ is forbidden in DX segments of the bands.

Modes: CW (A1A) and SSB (A3J).

CQ calling practice: CQ YU or TEST YU.

Contacts: Any participant with any participant. With the same station, one QSO is permitted in each range of different types of broadcast (cw and ssb).

Exchange: Non-YU stations: RS(T) + QSO number.

YU/YT stations: RS(T)+County Abbreviation, e.g. 599 SBB.



QSO with YU/YT station 10 points

QSO with station from other continent 4 points

QSO with station from the same continent except their country 2 points

QSO with station from your own country 1 point

QSO YU/YT station with YU/YT station 1 point

Multipliers: Non-YU stations: DXCC countries, plus YU/YT counties - 1 multiplier per band regardless of mode.

YU/YT station: DXCC countries - 1 multiplier per band regardless of mod

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