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Published: Sunday, 30 October 2016

CW Software, contest, Practice


·         100Meg+ of CW MP3 files as transmitted by W1AW  Via N4VM

·         200 Morse Code QSO`s -- Via Les Johnstone GM0SOZ @ GB7SAN Glasgow, Scotland

·         200 Morse Code QSO`s by Les Johnstone, GMØSOZ

·         AA0ZZ CW, RTTY, Contesting

·         AA9PW Practice Page exams CW

·         AE0Q/V32RY CW, links

·         Analyzer2000

·         Antique Telegraph. Tribute of Morse

·         Bug Stories by N0TFI

·         Code Gallery - by K8CX containing Real Audio clips

·         Code Quick - A morse code learning tool

·         CW by N1IRZ

·         CW Easy(!) Hypnotic

·         CW Lab01 -- Morse Soundcard Decoding program.  Works on any Win9x/Me/Xp. Allows operator control of many parameters -- From Mike, WN2A

·         CW MIDI. Create MIDI files to send Morse code by e-mail! Free downloadable programs from Rob's Ham Shack (Rob L. Dey KA2BEO). DOS and Windows versions available

·         CWGET & CWTYPE -- The DXSoft Group -- CWGET - Program to decode morse code (CW) via sound card to text. CW-TYPE - Terminal program for CW-operators. Transmit both from the keyboard and from the paddle.

·         DSP-CW V.4.1 digital CW/RTTY for Sound Blaster

·         EA4AHD spanish amateur DX CW Radio Station -links-

·         EasiWare software by Don, GØMDO

·         EI5EM Amateur Radio CW page

·         Extremely High Speed Club

·         Fastest way to master Morse Code

·         Free CW MIDI Software TEXT-to-MIDI conversion software! by Rob, KA2BEO.

·         G0HGA - Amateur Radio CW,

·         G3WGV - amateur radio, FOC and CW

·         G4ZFE Pile Up Win/95 Soundblaster CW

·         Ham University (learn CW & theory)

·         Hig Speed CW Meteor Scatter. W5WN & W6/PA0ZN

·         High Speed Club

·         History of the Canadian Railway Telegraph

·         History of the Canadian Railway Telegraph

·         IK6BAK Small key museum

·         IMC, International Morse Code by Phil Karras, KE3FL

·         International Morse Code Processor

·         Introduction to Morse Code

·         Introduction to Morse Code

·         JA9TTT CW

·         JE1JDD AM, CW

·         KA2MGE Telegraph Museum

·         KB0VCC CW

·         KB0VCC QRP, HF, CW

·         KN3ZAN-KA3IUQ CW KSK

·         Lars Sundström's MorseTrainer 1.1.1 for Macintosh, English version

·         Llaves Telegraficas Artesanas (Craftsman's Morse Keys) a Spanish manufacturer of hand made keys.

·         Milestone Technologies


·         Morse 2000

·         Morse 4.01 - Stormy Wathers Maps Code Software Program

·         Morse Academy

·         Morse Academy by Joe Speroni , AØHA.

·         Morse Code and the Phonetic Alphabets

·         Morse Code Deciphered - includes an online tutorial

·         Morse Code Elmer - test your morse code skills.

·         Morse Code for the PalmPilot - by N7LW.

·         Morse Code Products by Vectronics

·         Morse Code Programs

·         Morse Code Teaching Machine - K9OX.

·         Morse Code Translator

·         Morse Keyboard Program - WB8DQT

·         Morse Mania is a morse code tutor for the Macintosh

·          Morse Receive / Transmit Programs (MRP)

·         Morse Tutor Gold by GGTE. (morse Code program for Sound Blaster cards) 

·         Morse Tutor Gold by GGTE. (morse Code program for Sound Blaster cards)

·         Morsecodians Fraternity

·         Morsum Magnificat. The Morse Magazine

·         MOSH Morse Trainer -- From SM6KFY /Peter

·         MRX Software

·          MultiChannel Continental Code Receiver for Sound Blaster Cards

·         N1IPZ says, 'So you want to learn morse code?"

·         N9ZLE's CW

·         Nu Morse and Nu Test page

·         Numorse by Tony Lacy G4AUD.
If you download this program you can expand your skills 

·         NuMorse/NuTest for Windows code trainers

·         PA3CQR ham links, CW, HF DX

·         PA3CQR International Morse Preservation Society

·         PILE UP! by Richard G4ZFE this requires Windows 95 and a SoundBlaster compatible sound card.

·          PRECISION CW

·         RUFZ.

·         Russian Morse Code Home Page   RU3AKX

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